Xm radio not updating songs eq2 not updating

When I try to turn the volume down in the app, it doesn't work well.It keeps buffering and cutting out, and I'd really appreciate it if you could address this problem. The app is a great idea and easy to follow but, even with and incredibly strong and fast internet connection it cuts out regularly and has to be restarted.Totally understand that this is likely due to not being on an official Win10 build, plus the app may be going through the same refresh as on Android, Apple, online etc.

When I do this the song/artist updates so the station is changing the info but the radio does not reflect it. I actually emailed XM support about this via the form on their site. The second person sent me some troubleshooting info for Toyota/Lexus/Scion radio even though I said I have a Nissan.I've had Sirius for years, I use it frequently and I've been waiting I don't even know how long for it to get an Xbox compatible app.I'm glad it finally has, but there is a glaring flaw; I can't play games and listen to music without the app crashing every 30-45 seconds.No longer plays for more than a few minutes before hitting a wall.I can rewind 15 seconds and sometimes get a little further, but current state is like watching a video that's stuck buffering.

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