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Count Simon resigned his county in 1077, became a monk and went on pilgrimage to Rome where he died Orderic Vitalis names Adelizam et Constantiam, Ceciliam et Adalam as the daughters of Willermus Normanni dux and his wife Mathildem Balduini ducis Flandrensium filiam, neptem..sorore Henrici regis Francorum, but this appears unlikely in view of Adela's child-bearing until her husband's death in 1102.

Her birth date is estimated bearing in mind that marriage frequently took place in early adolescence at the time, and also because Adela clearly continued to bear children until her husband's death.

The only near certainty is that it would presumably have been the oldest available daughter who was betrothed to Harold.

Matthew Paris does not name her but lists her fourth among the daughters of King William, while distinguishing her from the fifth daughter betrothed to "Aldefonso Galici regi", which, if the order of names is significant, indicates that Adelaide was older than her two named sisters.

Alexander papa...vicarious: Ermenfredum pontificem Sedunorum et duos canonicos cardinales, dated to 1070After taking several years to subdue the whole country, he imposed the Norman feudal structure and rule everywhere with methodical and harsh persistence.

The minute description of the country contained in the Domesday Book, completed in 1086, enabled King William to create an effective tax base .

Robert of Torigny records the death in 1134 of "Robertus dux Normannorum filius Willermi regisprimogenitus" and his burial at Gloucester Guillaume of Jumiges records that Duke Guillaume and his wife Balduinum Flandri comitem...filiam regali ex genere descendente... Orderic Vitalis recounts that "when a youth who had not yet received the belt of knighthood, had gone hunting in the New Forest and whilst he was galloping in pursuit of a wild beast he had been badly crushed between a strong hazel branch and the pommel of his saddle, and mortally injured" dying soon after.In [1064/65], Duke Guillaume interceded with Guy de Ponthieu Comte d'Abbeville to secure the release of Harold, son of Godwin, from captivity in Normandy, in return for Harold's acknowledgement of Guillaume as successor to the English crown (according to the portrayal of the event in the Bayeux tapestry).Harold's visit to Normandy, and swearing allegiance to Duke William, is recorded by William of Jumiges.Notable among these are:(Chteau de Falaise, Normandy [1027/28]-Rouen, Prior de Saint-Gervais , bur Caen, Abb de Saint-Etienne). Willelmum filium suum was born apud Falesiam Deville suggests that Guillaumes birthdate can be fixed more precisely to [mid-1027], taking into account that his father Robert occupied Falaise immediately after the death of his father Duke Richard II (), not wishing to accept the authority of his older brother Duke Richard III, but that Roberts stay was short as the two brothers were reconciled soon after, it being reasonable to suppose that Roberts relationship with Guillaumes mother occurred soon after his arrival at Falaise It appears that Edward "the Confessor" King of England acknowledged Guillaume as successor to the English throne on several occasions, maybe for the first time during his visit to England in 1051 which is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.Comte de Maine in 1063, after he conquered the county.

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