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He then helped to plan the landings on Gold Beach in Normandy before acting as principal beachmaster in the assault phase of D-Day, with the task of ensuring that the constant stream of men and materials landing did not turn into a vast traffic jam.For his gallantry, skill, determination and devotion to duty under fire he was awarded a Bar to his DSC.William Frank Niemann Gregory-Smith was born on January 24 1910 at Ashton-under-Lyne, the only child of an electrical engineer.After being given The Wonder Book of the Navy as a boy, his ambition was to join the service, and he entered Dartmouth in 1922. This is what I learned from reading a book by a man of color, Dinesh D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage. I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen posts full of hate that don’t get removed. First his alcoholic father, then an Indonesian who eventually learned to like white people and capitalist, which is why she divorced him.After seeing action in the Norwegian campaign, Jaguar was ordered with three other ships to Dunkirk.One, Gallant, was dive-bombed and damaged en route.

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At the second battle of Sirte on March 22/23 1942, Eridge was one of five destroyers forming the close escort for four vital Malta-bound supply ships, which were relentlessly attacked by high-level, torpedo and dive bombers while Rear-Admiral Philip Vian's cruisers laid a smoke screen and jousted with a powerful Italian fleet.The attacks were so intense that by nightfall Eridge had only 28 rounds of high explosive shells left.The Italian fleet had been beaten off and the convoy was still intact, though it had been driven southwards. A woman who hated white people, hated Nebraska, and couldn’t wait to move to Hawaii and start dating men of colors. I don’t even hate blacks, I hate liberals, specially anti-gun liberals, PC liberals, and white liberals. Because they become enablers, they’re the people that buy alcohol to alcoholics metaphorically speaking. Not his absent mother, but his ever present, self-hating white mother.

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