Who is eike batista dating

Nothing turns a rich man on like a strong woman who is successful in her career or business.

The woman who goes for glory piques the most interest.

You will see 4s go out with 8s all the time and nobody ever bats an eye because it’s so common in places such as New York City and San Francisco.

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It takes time to assuage such a man to see another’s point of view as a result.As soon as a rich man feels the only reason why a woman is asking a man out so he can pay for dinner and a show, it’s game over.Now that you know how rich men think, it’s important to adjust your actions accordingly if you want to be with someone with means. Thoroughly pursue your dreams and do not give up until you get there.Given the paranoia of losing it all, rich men are very methodical in their money management ways.They will allocate at least 20% of their net worth to risk free investments so that if things go to hell, they’ll still live a comfortable life.

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