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But it is very odd to be on the other side." Although Bussell danced professionally on the show two seasons ago, so far this time round her name has been taken mostly in vain.And not just by the legions of fans still loyal to the memory of Arlene Phillips."I'm really upset that there's been so much injury.I think it's because the standards have been so much higher, so the professionals have really pushed them." One of her early favourites, the long jumper Jade Johnson, had to drop out injured last month.Not that she talks or even thinks about her biological father these days.Crittle walked out on her mother, the former model and actress Andrea Williams, when Bussell – or Marnie Mercedes Darcey Pemberton Crittle as she was known then – was just three.

"People think, when you've been a professional dancer all your life, that you're going to have tried every sort of style, and I kind of felt embarrassed that I'd never ever tried ballroom dancing," she confides."Generally you always push somebody if you think they have the ability to do it, but [the contestants] haven't always got the fitness.Even though they've probably got the rhythm, it's still unnatural to them. The way her body moves and everything, and I don't think they appreciated that." Bussell has had to rely on DVDs to keep up with the show's latest twists – quite literally in the case of several ankles; shortly after retiring she moved, with her Australian banker husband, Angus Forbes, to Sydney, where she now tries to play the role of eco-mum to her daughters Phoebe, eight, and Zoë, six.It's fair to say she is finding her new off-stage roles considerably harder than her on-stage ones.For one thing, being green and flying halfway around the world for work hardly go hand in hand.

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