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Occasionally there are meters (where you insert coins to park for a certain amount of time), but that's it.I always hear this in shows or movies and have absolutely no clue what it means or how it works.The account/cost center number provided on the Request for New Validation form will be used for billing purposes.To update the account/cost center number or to change the validation discount please email our office at [email protected] Simply complete the Validation Ticket Order form to place an order.Tickets purchased from a ticket machine come pre-validated, so you are free to board the train.Otherwise, insert your ticket into the validator (located next to the ticket machine), with the arrow facing up.

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You'd go to the pay-and-display car park where you buy a ticket, take it back to your car and put it in the window to say you've paid for your parking, so the patrolling warden won't ticket your car. The back of the ticket (the bit you peel off) could be presented to nearby stores you shopped at, and it would act like a coupon, taking the cost of your ticket off your bill. Some establishments have a relationship with parking lots and garages where their customers can park for free while eating or shopping at those establishments.You give the stub to the establishment and they stamp it or punch it so the parking attendant knows not to charge you.Quite common In many densely populated cities, there are more cars than parking spaces. However, to encourage customers to frequent businesses, these businesses will offer coupons, vouchers or stamped barcodes to either waive or reduce the cost of parking.The establishment is likely paying nothing or a greatly reduced fee.This would only apply to lots where you get a parking stub and you pay when you leave.

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