What am i doing wrong dating

If I missed something that you experience a lot please share.Some of these are for male and female, most are for males. - So, you sent out 5k charming messages that fit each profile and get one reply from an account that was deleted five minutes ago, it is very frustrating for anyone.The mobile app - If you’re using the mobile app to only see if they’re on POF and your message hasn’t been returned since yesterday, you’ll never last in any relationship because your insecurity is taking over.Send a message and move on, don’t go back and look if they’ve been online recently that only makes you an internet creep.If you fall short in any area, she will look elsewhere.

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Spelling, punctuation, and grammar – I can not state this enough, it IS the number one complaint from women.Helped her with her dating profile, she dropped the "tall cowboys only" thinking and is with someone that adores her.I tried dating one gal that my friends knew, they warned me she had a picky mindset and compared everyone to the one happily married man that she wanted. On the picture front, I'd suggest "Make sure you are smiling in your photos" and "Take pictures of you doing your hobbies".I don’t want to hear you’re on a mobile excuse this is not flip phone typing days, get on a laptop or desktop with auto spell checking to create your profile! If u felz tha makes u lukin lik a fly mofo, keep it up because the ones that are actually showing their education are interacting with women.I’m a gamer – Nothing wrong with being a gamer, I’m a gamer.

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