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Basically, use this button to do anything screen share when... By clicking on a particular window, you'll zoom in their feed to the main window. User Settings: Like the icons next to your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of the app, you can access the self-mute and user settings tab functions in the video window as well. Full Screen Toggle: Clicking this icon will expand the video call to full screen regardless of which view you're using.

Talk To New And Interesting People With Video Webcam Chat at uk Thanks to all of the changes that have occurred with modern technology, you can participate in a video webcam chat with people from around the world.

AND NOW...can also share your audio while you screenshare!

When you share a specific window only, you'll need to toggle the Sound Toggle for the sound share feature to work!

If you switch to other DMs or servers while in a video call, the video feed will pop to a picture-in-picture view that you can drag around your screen for maximum convenience: You'll be able to access your video options by clicking the icons in the lower left-hand corner of the floating video.

To zoom back to the call in progress, click the username list within the video in the top left.

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