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Rapid innovation, product development and prototype testing are needed.Digitalisation and intelligence Digitalisation and industrial internet are themes which every industrial enterprise but also the public sector, such as health care, have to put their mind to.

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See all projects of the focus area at Project Search.Innovation environments, such as TAMK's Bio Hub, create new business around bioexpertise together with enterprises.Multidisciplinary student teams and modern laboratories form the centre of the operation. Pääaukion ja sitä ympäröivien rakennusten kokonaissuunnittelusta vastasi arkkitehti Aarne Ervi, joka oli yksi sotien jälkeisen ajan merkittävimmistä suomalaisista arkkitehdeistä.“As an innovative country, Finland could develop products for the technology-driven young age group in Africa”, says Perry Mapani, who was recently appointed the head of the Zambia Development Agency, which is responsible for development cooperation and trade in Zambia.

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