Updating sansa firmware

STEP 4 - Plug the Sansa Express player to the PC in recovery class mode 1. In the firmware folder, right-click the St Mp3file, then select Copy. Navigate to the drivers folder (double-click My Computer drivers). Right-click an empty space inside the drivers folder, then click on Paste.

Press and hold the (-) volume button while plugging in the device to the PC. In the Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box, select Install the software automatically (Recommended), then click Next. In the Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box, click Finish. In the firmware folder where the files were extracted, double-click Sansa Express to start update.

If you need them, you may also download user manuals for your or watch how-to videos on updating the firmware. Go to the settings menu, select the USB submenu, and then select MSC.

Some players with early firmwares do not have the USB options in the menu.

50% full • Extract the file into a folder on your computer • Once extracted, drag the Firmware file to the root directory of your Sansa Clip • Disconnect the Sansa Clip and let it begin the firmware update • Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off • Turn the Clip on Select your language and region preference • Once its back to the main menu, head to "Settings" This firmware has several bug fixes and enhancements, as listed below.

Upon completion of firmware upgrade, the device will turn off. If device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 10 seconds to reset the device and then release and press again to restart.

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