Updating garmin 430w nav data

I think there are only three possible ways to have a shot at increasing the personal and business use of light (under 6,000 pound maximum takeoff weight) airplanes.

Rather than raw cost, the value of flying has to be the emphasis. But for people who have traps to run in a state, or a couple of states, there is nothing more useful and valuable than a general aviation airplane and it doesn’t have to be a jet.

The aircraft manufacturers delivered 17,811 airplanes in 1978 and a few less in 1979. One reason for that is the fact that the legions of World War Two and GI-Bill pilots peaked in their earning years at that time.

No more built-in pilot population so things started to trail off.

There is little “feel” for general aviation in the corporate offices or in the boardroom.

A piston single or twin will enable day trips over a wide area.

Some years ago I experimented with using a Cessna 172 with top-line IFR avionics as a business airplane.

There was once a time when the number of seats outlined the carrying capability of our airplanes, within limits.

The four seat airplanes would fly with more than two people, some baggage, and enough fuel to fly for a decent length or fly for at least a little while with four on board.

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