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JSF 2.x and JSTL 1.2 have been incorporated directly into the server's classpath.

Applications deployed to Web Logic Server can seamlessly make use of JSF 2.x and JSTL 1.2 without requiring developers to deploy and reference separate shared libraries.

Persistence uses an object/relational mapping approach to bridge the gap between an object-oriented model and a relational database.

The Java Persistence API can also be used in Java SE applications, outside of the Java EE environment.

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The Java EE architecture provides a default auto commit to handle transaction commits and rollbacks.

A JAX-RS application is a web application that consists of classes that are packaged as a servlet in a WAR file along with required libraries. Managed Beans, lightweight container-managed objects (POJOs) with minimal requirements, support a small set of basic services, such as resource injection, lifecycle callbacks, and interceptors.

Managed Beans represent a generalization of the managed beans specified by Java Server Faces technology and can be used anywhere in a Java EE application, not just in web modules.

If you choose to download and apply the patches yourself, note the following: The patches contained in this well-known patch directory are included in the system classpath using standard Web Logic Server start scripts so that those patches automatically go into effect when Web Logic Server is started.

If you do not use standard Web Logic Server start scripts, you must ensure that your start scripts pick up patches that are stored in the well-known location where you have placed your patches.

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