Union label dating series 2m

Dating the People's Pocket Series and Ten Cent Pocket Series is more complex.

The People's Pocket Series was issued with a great variety of wrapper designs over a relatively short period.

It comes only a week after the National Farmers Union issued a warning about the number of non-dairy drinks being labelled as milk.

Farmers from across the country have been hit by plummeting sales as consumers move toward milk variants made from soya, almond and rice.

In a great many cases it is only possible to fix an approximate date.

With the Appeal's Pocket Series, Appeal Pocket Series, Five Cent Pocket Series and Pocket Series there was only one wrapper design for each series.

Gibbs, and to the publishers of the Big Blue Newsletter, for granting us permission to publish it here.

By Jake Gibbs Determining when a particular copy of a Haldeman-Julius pocket book was published can be difficult.

In its ruling, judges also insisted that products labelled as cheese or butter that did not involve milk from an animal were being described incorrectly.

The case was referred by a German court after a company called Tofu Town was challenged by a consumer protection group for selling products such as ‘soyatoo tofu butter’ and ‘veggie cheese’.

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