Tyler hoechlin dating holland roden minidating com

Yes, your favorite boys are best friends in real life!Posey, who plays Scott Mc Call, and O'Brien, who plays his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, are besties.Fans loved to see them together, unfortunately, the former model left the MTV series to join The CW's "Arrow" cast as Arsenal. She and Ian Bohen, who played Peter Hale in the series, reportedly dated in 2013.

As of now it's between two women, Natalie Martin, Lydia's mom, and Melissa Mc Call, Scott's mom.

Season one Lydia acts very ditzy and dumb while in fact she is very advanced and smart.

While Holland doesn't try to act oblivious and frivolous, she comes off very bubble headed.

Twins Max and Charlie, who play Ethan and Aiden, are born on different days in different months. While there is only a seven minute difference, Charlie was born on July 31st and Max was born on August 1st.

This must have been a huge argument when they were kids.

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