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“At first glance, I fulfill the stereotypes of a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP),” she explains.

“I’m blond, often wear pearls and can mix an excellent, and very strong, martini.” Since moving to New York, Purcell writes that she had “two serious relationships with Jewish men who at first said religion didn’t matter — and then backtracked and decided it did.” And while Judaism is “a religious faith and culture [she has] grown to love and respect,” she blames the religion for the demise of both of her relationships.

Kind of surprised the Washington Post published this. V — Yochi Dreazen (@yochidreazen) April 2, 2018 It feels like maybe these Jewish men aren’t leaving you because you’re not Jewish as much as they’re leaving you because you hate Jews? X7AB — Sheryl Gay Stolberg (@Sheryl NYT) April 2, 2018 “Guys? That I will, like, NEVER tire of being a Jewish man’s rebellion.” – Me writing in the Washington Post tomorrow, but it’s in curlicue bubbly cursive which is how I read that essay in my mind — Sara Benincasa (@Sara JBenincasa) April 2, 2018 I want to give the Washington Post the benefit of the doubt and assume this column by @Carey Purcell was meant as edgy humor, not barely disguised anti-Semitism. — Taffy Brodesser-Akner (@taffyakner) April 2, 2018 I’ve dated two men from Ohio, and let me tell you, I’m tired of being just an excuse for all Midwesterners to say “coke’ instead of “pop” for a while DZg87UQ8 — Olga Khazan (@olgakhazan) April 2, 2018 It’s definitely not super racist and pathologically narcissistic to write an op-ed in a major newspaper about how you’re done dating people of one specific religion, no sirree bob EJDJJBa K — Woman (@hels) April 2, 2018 The Jewish media didn’t want this published, but the jewish media’s overbearing jewish mom made them do it to prove that shiksas can’t be trusted JQJj — Noah Hurowitz (@Noah Hurowitz) April 2, 2018 If you’ve dated a few people from a given religion and decided you don’t want to do that anymore …

It was the copy of this spiral-bound memoir in Rome’s Canons Regular archive that Messori says he found and translated into Italian for publication; the English version that appeared last fall relies on Messori’s translation, rather than the original Spanish.

I personally compared the Italian and English versions of the Edgardo Mortara memoir published by Messori with the original, which I too located at the Canons Regular archive and digitized.

By then, having been raised in a seminary, he had become a Catholic priest; years later, members of his order prepared a typescript of his account.

And it’s a work that casts the episode in a light sympathetic to Pius IX.

emailed Messori, one of the most influential critics of Pope Francis in Italy, asking him to explain the discrepancies.

The false impression that Lara Yunaska Trump, a former personal trainer and producer for that said the couple wed under “a crystal-embellished chuppa” (with Jewish brother-in-law Jared Kushner officiating).

Following a Monday announcement by the couple that they were expecting a baby boy, it seems Jewish media outlets went into a bit of a baby frenzy.

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