Trouble updating iphone software

In fact, the compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope have also been malfunctioning for some people.

The level of fault varies, but it does seem to be an issue that’s specific to the i Phone 5S.

Apple hasn’t announced any such recall for the i Phone 6, but an increasing number of people have been complaining about their i Phone 6 smartphones shutting down on their own after dipping below 40 percent.

Others have complained about very bad battery life.

Potential solutions: Quite a few people have run into an issue with the GPS function in the i Phone 6.

They might be using Apple Maps, Google Maps, or any other app that employs the GPS, but find that it’s inaccurate or very slow to update.

People who went to get replacements, or tested other i Phone 5S handsets, found the exact same rattle and click was present. Some people have reported a louder thudding rattle which could be caused by a loose battery.

(Editor’s Note by Jeffrey Van Camp: From our experience using the i Phone 5S, the Touch ID Home button may have a slightly louder click and the power button does rattle if you put your ear up to the phone and shake, but these problems didn’t bother us.

We mentioned in our i OS 7 tips that you can access a spirit level (Apple calls it an inclinometer) by swiping left in the Compass app, but it turns out that it’s not working correctly.This problem has cropped up in various versions of i OS, including i OS 10.What do you do if you have an i Phone 5S problem and you want it fixed right now?Apple finally went big with the i Phone 6 and 6 Plus, bowing to peer pressure and outfitting its iconic phones with a larger touchscreen.The svelte i Phone 6 and 6 Plus have sold like hotcakes in the time since their debut in late-2014, even since the release of the next-gen i Phone 8 and 8 Plus.

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