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His kinetic theory established that temperature is entirely dependent on the speeds of particles.

Proved that every chemical element’s identity is uniquely determined by its number of protons, establishing this is the true organizing principle of the periodic table; correctly predicted the existence of four new chemical elements; invented the atomic battery.

Built the world’s most powerful electromagnets; discovered electromagnetic induction independently of Faraday; made scientific breakthroughs that allowed Samuel Morse to invent the telegraph.

The unit of electrical inductance is named in his honor.

Discovered the solar system’s planets follow elliptical paths; identified that ocean tides are caused mainly by the moon; proved how logarithms work; discovered the inverse square law of light intensity; his laws of planetary motion led Newton to his law of gravitation.

The color change acts as a ‘fingerprint’ for the molecule that can be used to identify molecules and detect diseases such as cancer.There are secret plans afoot for a one-off Christmas show, and fans are invited to upload their Christmas pictures for the chance to have them included in the i Tunes booklet for the release, which also features Bloc Party’s Matt Tong.At Ticketline we are always looking to keep our website up to date and accurate.Her founding work in abstract algebra revolutionized mathematics.Founded quantum theory with his proposal that hot objects radiate only certain allowed values of energy, all of which are multiples of a number now called the Planck constant – all other values of energy are forbidden.

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