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We asked about more towels, housekeeping claimed they were going to bring more to our room but you can guess they NEVER CAME!

So they gave us another room, it only had ONE big towel and ONE face towel!Her name is Gretchen and she is the rudest employee I’ve dealt with in regards to working with customers.I have been here for over 6 months but will be leaving this hotel now because of her bi**hy attitude and things she says under her breath.Answer 1: The phone number for Wood Spring Hotel is (316) 631-1370. i feel if he is gonna set rules then it needs to apply to all employees.But every time I say something he gets mad and talk about kicking me out .i mean if I really could afford a lawyer I would and I would show my name I cant so that’s why mold in thi s hotel it sure is, im just waiting to get diagnosed so I can get a check.

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