The dangers of dating your boss

Managers are supposed to set examples and be role models. Sure, but just make it a habit to stick to one drink and be the first to leave (to give them time to complain about you), or at least not the10.

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Friends let their hair down outside of work and sometimes do silly things with each other.

She doesn’t really do regrets or apologies, but then she remembers what happened that morning and gives Kara a semi remorseful look that has the girl frowning with worry.“What did you do? ”Kara adjusts her glasses again as she studies her boss. Mean.” A look of uncertainty passes over fair features before she hedges cautiously, “Have I done something to upset you? And no one is going to accuse Cat Grant of not keeping her promises.“You left me,” she tells Kara with a look that silently screams, ' to leave.

” her assistant asks warily and it takes a conscious effort for Cat to not bite her lip or allow a flush to make it’s way up her neck. ” Cat offers with a slight rise of her brows, face screaming indifference even if she suspects what’s coming. My boss wanted a dozen reports ready for when she came in.” Kara lowers her voice to a whisper before continuing. With an alien.”“Oh.” Cat pouts at her assistant’s words.

Sometimes workplace romances blossom between managers and employees (that’s a whole other issue).

So how can they be expected to just turn those emotions off when they enter company property?

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