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Piazzolla wins the first prize and the work is performed at the Law School in Buenos Aires by the symphonic orchestra of “ Radio del Estado” with the addition of two bandoneons and under the direction of Sevitzky himself.

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At first, Piazzolla tries to hide his tanguero past and his bandoneon work, thinking that his destiny is in classical music.

Astor Pantalen Piazzolla was born on March 11, 1921 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, only child of Vicente “ Nonino” Piazzolla and Asunta Mainetti.

In 1925, the family relocates to New York City until 1936 with a brief return to Mar del Plata in 1930.

What was once a choice between the sophisticated music or tango, now would be sophisticated music and tango, but in the most efficient way: to work the structure of sophisticated music with the passion of the tango.

In Paris, he composes and records a series of tangos with a string orchestra and he begins to play the bandoneon while standing up, he puts one leg on a chair, a trait that would characterize him on the music scene (Most bandoneonists play sitting down When Piazzolla returns to Argentina (1955) he continues with the strings orchestra and he also forms a group, the Octeto Buenos Aires, which is the beginning of the contemporary tango age.

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