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Cheers, C A group for people who find themes of mind control erotic: * Intelligent women becoming cock crazy sluts* Guys submitting to a compelling mind controlling siren* White girls becoming mindless slaves for a talented black master* Whole families abandoning their taboos under the influence of shadowy government experiments All these and others are topics we can discuss and post pictures (captions especially appreciated, as well as comics strips)and videos of. of lifting up a skirt, seeing a dick and the sucking it.

Post stories or links to stories about mind control in the forum. Okay, Yellow or olive skin,with jet black pubes,(think Japanese or Arabs)And the naked body is pixilated or coverd in robes and veils, it is in these cultures where women are stoned to death or walk 3 feet behind the men and don't speak as equals and ! Because you can see the "CONTRAST OF THE BUSH" a mile away, I challenge debate on this theory,it is not racist,it is not a joke, it is an important explanation that calls some of our sexual preconceptions up for revaluation,or at the very least explains cultural sexual differences in the language of science,rather than race, religion or "morals". Saturday night, being alone, horny and bored I surfed the casual encounters section of Craigslist under T4M.

Here someone was watching me, and stroking themself while I sucked a dick.

This was suck a turn on that I came while I was on my knees.

And if you're worried about being seen by someone you know, they're deviants too.

Otherwise, what the hell are they doing here anyway?

This subject of taboo pushing society's boundaries is portrait much better in films than in Porn films. We're all into different things so if you don't like what someone else does just let it be.

I wouldn't like to get poo'd on while a circus elephant eats peanuts out of my butt crack and a naked midget plays "The Star Spangled Banner" on kazoo, but I'm not going to flame someone who would like that, and you shouldn't either.

I got there, was invited in and as we talked, tranny told me that there was a spouse. The marriage is open and the spouse was told that I was coming over and why. She entered the room and come to find out, the spouse was another male to female tranny. So the three of us talked, then the spouse asked "Aren't you here to fuck my wife?I adore one on one sexual adventures with body worship but don’t worry I will bring the ladies when we want one. Oral, anal, foot fetish, rape, incest, rimming, pegging, gangbang, porn watching, blackmail, forced sex, forced bi, GFE, edging,… listen as I bring your fantasies to life during our phone sex pleasure calls. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy while I make you cum. I love laughing and putting naughty life into living each moment, then talking about all my sexual adventures in kinky phone sex calls. I can be the submissive you use, the naughty neighbor, naughty nurse, the forceful aggressive authoritative MILF, or the goddess too good for you.I love to play sex games, textural, impact, bondage, role play, age play any type nothing is off limits for my partner. Let me run my fingers all over you, bathe you, message you, taste every inch of your body.

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