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Most of the time, however, the cause of the edema is something not nearly so serious. One of the terms arising from the increased use of MRI scanning techniques is .

It is more a reflection of what a radiologist sometimes sees when doing an MRI scan of a bone or joint.

The injury is usually associated with soft tissue injury rather than significant damage to the bone itself.

In summary, our bones can indeed swell, but it is inside the porous inner structure where the swelling occurs.

In that respect, bone marrow edema symptoms are in many ways similar to the symptoms of arthritis.

In the case of edema, however, the underlying cause usually has to be found if anything other than temporary relief from the pain or discomfort is to be achieved.

Consequently, bone marrow edema isn’t something that is visually noticeable, and it often requires an MRI scan to be correctly diagnosed.

It may not be a serous condition in itself, but at times the underlining cause can be something serious.

Just as a bee sting can cause swelling, ranging from swelling around a small area, to the swelling of an entire arm or leg, an injury to a bone, or inflammation within a bone, can cause bone marrow edema, or swelling.

When Bad News Becomes Good News Once in awhile, a diagnosis of bone marrow edema is good news.

How can it be good news when there is something amiss in the inner structure of one of your bones, particularly if it is giving you some discomfort?

Like any instance of swelling, bone marrow edema is often the result of some outside cause or condition.

If the outside condition can be alleviated or removed, the edema can usually be successfully treated.

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