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It's a dish made of melted cheese (with a small burner underneath it to keep the fondue at constant temperature.You spear small cubes of bread onto long-stemmed forks and dip them into the hot cheese (taking care not to lose the bread in the fondue).Ticino is the southern most canton of Switzerland, sharing a border with the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, and the one canton where Italian is the official language.Saffron risotto is a comforting dish made from risotto rice cooked slowly with onions, stock, saffron threads, wine and cheese, and easy to make at home.Sometimes bacon, onion, cheese – and even apple – are added to the mix.It's eaten as a side dish to accompany fried eggs and spinach or a sausage meat called You hav probably eaten muesli for breakfast before, but may not have known it was invented in Switzerland around 1900, by Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner.Your area is full of fun and flirty people looking to date, chat and enjoy each other's company.Our job is to make sure you get in touch with singles you find attractive and interesting, chat nicely, and fix a date easily if there's some chemistry between the two of you.

It's made in small independent bakeries all over the canton, each of which have their own variation on the basic recipe of short-crust pastry with a filling of caramelised sugar, cream and chopped nuts, usually walnuts.Some argue that Swiss food doesn't exist, in a sense, because what are considered the top Swiss foods typically come from many regional foods and specialities found across Switzerland's 26 cantons.You will find top with heavy French, German and north Italian influences, with bases of Swiss cheeses, potatoes and traditional Swiss ingredients that were readily available to the first Alpine farmers. Here are just 10 of the top Swiss foods you should try – or cook at home. Cheese fondue Cheese fondue is a great meal with friends and perhaps one of the most iconic foods that people relate to Switzerland.Enjoy a piece as a dessert (it's very rich), with a cup of coffee or tea.sausage, a raw sausage made with pork, spices and red wine.

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