Stinky fish dating

The skin that is in the creases is basically smothered and stays hot so it sweats.A skinny girl may only need 1 bath a day whereas an over weight person may need 2 or three because of the extra sweating they do in between there 'rolls'.Forget what Don Draper said about advertising being “a billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever you're doing is OK.” Cosmetic companies need to keep us insecure. So it’s no wonder that Flint Flint sound so despairing over the results of the survey they commissioned.“80 per cent of you are dirty - and you’re OK with that?!I am fat and I don't lie, none of this curvy bs, i ain't J.lo! The last one smells of yeast and another one I know smells of sewerage.

Let’s be clear - assuming men are naturally a bit stinkier than women - or at least, more comfortable with being stinky - is damaging for everyone.

that curly little blondes such as she should desire to be small, and contained, and clean, and dress up as pink princesses.

And shut up about their dirty selves; already, enough.” As we grow up, we learn to be freaked out by every new trick our body plays on us.

Are you a woman, and did you have a shower this morning? According to a new survey, four out of give women won’t have bothered.

Skincare range Flint Flint asked over 2,000 women to tell all about their hygiene routines, and they were deeply disappointed by the answers.

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