Steve o girlfriend dating

Family Trauma My biological father abandoned my mother while we were toddlers.

He was a charming rogue of a gambler who came and went in our lives, leaving a wake of debt and infidelity.

In November of 1973, shortly after my 16th birthday, I met Steven Tyler at a concert in Portland, Oregon.

To understand what leads a 16-year-old girl to find herself backstage at an Aerosmith Rock Concert, and in a three- year live-in relationship with Steven Tyler, you need some essential background information.

She was still working as a teacher but she was living with my second stepfather, though they were not married yet.

My younger brother was killed in a car accident on our way home from a camping trip with our grandparents. My grandfather was also killed, my grandmother lost a leg, and my sister and I were injured.My mother seemed wounded and disillusioned with life.Without the stability of the family, or the church, we all struggled to recover from my brother’s death.At that time, I thought he was the best thing in my life.My sad, vulnerable story, as well as my youth and personal attractiveness captured his interest.

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