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Whatever your background, there will be members in tune with your way of thinking, whether you are looking for marriage-minded singles for a real commitment or even just a fellow professional who gets your hectic lifestyle!We are confident that spiritual seekers can find the right partner, so sign up and start searching.In fact, over 80 percent of our members are educated to Bachelor's Degree level or above.This will eliminate those without the intellectual desire to expand their horizons and search for spiritual fulfillment.So when you start dating, try to share a moment of worship or spiritual connection.Visit a cathedral or shrine or, if your spirituality revolves around nature, spend time in a beauty spot.

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It’s not always easy to tell whether people will fit in with your life philosophy, but at Elite Singles we've come up with a simple way to search for the spiritual qualities that define us.

Do you find yourself sliding from one short-term relationship to another? It seems to be harder than ever to find a partner who understands our needs and meets our requirements.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop looking.

You can tell a lot about the spiritual honesty of people when they are in those kind of places.

If you sense that their spirituality is in sync with your own, go ahead and move on with your relationship.

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