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Splurge and buy a mat for under your futon, then some oranges to counteract the scurvy. Gone are the days of slinking past neon signs and paper lanterns in shame—-now you can go in and enjoy beer and grilled chicken with salarymen on Friday nights.You can talk to actual girls and guys, take them on dates to restaurants with tablecloths, and buy tiny cakes as tokens of your undying affection.Many of the the folks I know personally have stylish clothes and cool haircuts, but live in crushing poverty.In Tokyo, there’s nothing unusual about recycling your bath water for the laundry or turning off the heat at night. Foreigners think it’s amusing that the toilet seats are heated, but if you had to use the bathroom at two a.m. That’s how you’ll feel when you come home to your apartment with one and a half actual rooms and run the heat or A/C as necessary. Surely the Japanese social services will bail you out when the time comes. I’ve made this level of coin briefly, but frankly it wasn’t worth the effort required.Tokyo), you might want to rethink your grand scheme of selling authentic Chinese Rolexes on a Shinjuku street corner. And fortunately for you, I’ve made every mediocre salary there is to make, so let’s do this: 230,000 yen per month If you like cold and dark, then this is the wage for you.

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You can afford a small, boxy used car, cable internet, and a TV, all of which should improve your dating life. Or the young Saudia Arabian guy I spent the evening with, also in Roppongi.

For weekend entertainment, go to the corner park and sit on the swing-set drinking 100-yen cups of shochu.

Forget about dating, unless that guy sleeping in the cardboard box takes a shine to you. Now you can keep the lights on until bedtime, and perhaps buy a blanket for warmth. This doesn’t mean you will perform many functions at work.

If you save up for a fan and buckets of ice, you can remain alive. If you have anything close to allergies you will be constantly blessed through sneezing. If you search hard and have connections, you can probably find a decent apartment (it helps if you look “Asian”).

Plus, your arms will be in great shape from constantly fanning. Remember that God loves you, even if no one else in this nation does. You might find a place with a couple of windows and a kitchen where you can balance a dollar-store cutting board on top of a mini fridge and actually cook food featuring exotic ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Begin making the jump from malt liquor to actual beer, or occasionally, wine.

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