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Worsening subway service is one of the many infrastructure challenges confronting the region, including recent commuting upheavals at Pennsylvania Station in New York. New York’s quest to install the new system began in 1991, after a subway derailment at Union Square in Manhattan killed five people.Amtrak, which owns the station, plans to close several tracks for repairs that will disrupt service this summer on New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road, two of the nation’s busiest commuter railroads. The train operator was speeding after he had been drinking.It took about a decade to complete the signal network on the L line, and work on the No. Confronted with infrastructure dating to the 1930s and a vast system of 472 stations (the most of any subway in the world), officials are forced to decide which projects to prioritize with limited financing.The transportation authority asked for .2 billion for signal and communications work in its latest five-year capital proposal — about 10 percent of its billion budget request — but 0 million was cut from the plan approved by state leaders last year. Cuomo, a Democrat, like the mayor, was focused on finishing the first segment of the Second Avenue subway on time, but critics say he has shown far less urgency about the deteriorating condition of the subway’s signals.Much of the signal equipment at that station, at West Fourth Street, is decades beyond its life span, and it is one of the main culprits plaguing the overburdened subway.As New York City’s sprawling subway faces a deepening crisis over delays, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says that modernizing the signals is a top priority.Upgrading the signals is expensive, but an even bigger challenge is scheduling work on such a vast system where ridership is always high, even on weekends, Mr.Prendergast said.“The money issue, as difficult as it is, is an easier issue to sort than how much work can the system sustain at one given period of time,” he said.

Signal problems account for about 13 percent of all subway delays, and are the second most common reason for weekday delays, after overcrowding, according to statistics from the agency. is also safer because trains can be stopped automatically.Social media has forever changed the way that people interact with charities, brands and online giving.Crowd Rise is the most powerful social fundraising website for your organization, event or corporation.The idea is that if people are having fun they will raise more money and do it more often for the causes they care about.After all, if you don’t give back no one will like you.

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