Sober dating

As a woman, I want to be relieved of the feeling that follow-up questions are even necessary, and don’t necessarily want to feel burdened with this big decision(! For now, it’s just another thing about you, like how many siblings you have, and where you went to college.

If she decides she doesn’t want to continue seeing you after learning that you don’t drink, try not to read into it too deeply.

Especially if it’s early days between the two of you, keep the reasons for your sobriety brief.

All you need to say if she asks about your choice to be sober is something short, like, “I realized I get a lot more done when I don’t drink.” Or, “I lost a ton of weight a few years back and not drinking helps me maintain my willpower and keep it off.” Don’t lie, of course, but don’t get too deep with your explanation.

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For non-drinkers, maybe it’s as simple as a ginger ale with lime. I didn’t have to, of course (I own my choices, too), but I didn’t know him very well and decided I wante Instead, go to a bowling alley. If you’re giving off “I’m so uneasy in this environment” vibes, that energy is going to rub off. So if being around alcohol is way out of your comfort zone, just don’t put yourself in that situation.It doesn’t make her an alcoholic, and it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you and your decision, either.You can’t ask to delve into someone’s psyche and figure out why it makes them uncomfortable for you not to drink, and honestly, it’s probably not a good match if that’s a deal breaker for her anyway.With 30 percent of the country sober it’s not hard to find someone who would be willing to go on an alcohol free date with you.If you’ve ever attended a sober event, like a party, a meetup, or even a group therapy session, you know that drinking alcohol and having fun are not always linked.

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