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Manning ended up winning the MVP with 20 points; Washburn scored 18. And Washburn took off and threw down the exact same dunk.The Capital Centre didn't react with an "ooohhhhh," but with an explosion of "WHOAAAAAAA!A Lamborghini is a Lamborghini, and Williamson is a Murciélago with a 6.2 L V12 engine.In February 2017, I dragged a friend from Charlotte down to Sumter, S.And in the early 1990s, I began to cover recruiting camps like the ABCD and then the elite tournaments like the Big Time and Peach Jam. This is what I wrote in Sporting News after seeing Le Bron James play as a rising junior at the 2001 ABCD Camp in New Jersey: 'Some baby boomers who've got me by a few years make a big deal of the first time they saw The Beatles on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.' Now, I've got a moment to compare with that.So I've seen nearly every great basketball talent as a high schooler for the past four decades: Ewing, Mourning, Garnett, Davis. Watch James make one routine trip down the court and the whole package hits you at once: the size, the skills, the awareness, the competitiveness.Who was the best high school basketball player you ever saw in person?

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True, Washburn is now a cautionary tale, and always will be.I already knew I wanted to be a sportswriter; seeing all those great players on one night made me realize I wanted to write about basketball more than any other sport.From then until I moved out of Pittsburgh in 1993, I went to the Dapper Dan every year.In the 2010s, seeing high schoolers do things beyond their sizes is almost commonplace. Chris Washburn's one moment makes him my choice." – "The common pushback against the absurdity that is a Zion Williamson high school highlight video is the level of competition facing Spartanburg Day School.That's like saying a Lamborghini isn't as impressive because it's sharing the road with Volvos and Subarus.

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