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His father died while Arcade was still an infant, killed in combat on an away mission.

To this day, the specifics of his father's death are unknown to him.

Arcade trained as a doctor with the Followers in the NCR.

He prefers research to healing because he's "not good with people." In his spare time he enjoys reading "pre-War books about failed socioeconomic theories." Gannon speaks fluent Latin, although he is quick to assure the Courier that it was not a skill he picked up from Caesar's Legion, which he detests.

Despite doing a great deal of good for people in Freeside, he still worries about whether or not the path he's taken is one his father could be proud of.

He has a deep-seated desire to affect society on a broad spectrum, but he is only too familiar with what can happen when ideals become more important than the needs of individuals.

There are several ways for the Courier to recruit Arcade.

In each case, assuming the requirements are met, they just need to talk to him, exploring the dialogue options until some variant of "Why don't you come with me? He will agree if any of the following are true: Arcade will get fed up with the Courier if they do or say things that he dislikes.

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