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When using the Membership framework with the class or the ASP. Since we already performed these steps in previous tutorials, we are ready to start using the Membership framework!In this tutorial and the next three we will be examining various Membership-related functions and capabilities. NET pages to implement the topics examined throughout these tutorials.Figure 4: The Master Page, When Viewed Through the Design View (Click to view full-size image) With the master page defined, we're ready to add the ASP. NET's content, and renders the merged content into the final HTML that is sent down to the requesting browser.When the master page's content is updated, all ASP.But, since the site navigation system is built on the provider model it can be extended to support alternative ways for serializing the site map information.Jeff Prosise's article, The SQL Site Map Provider You've Been Waiting For shows how to create a site map provider that stores the site map in a SQL Server database; another option is to create a site map provider based on the file system structure.NET pages that use this master page will have their content remerged with the new master page content the next time they are requested.In short, the master page model allows for a single page layout template to be defined (the master page) whose changes are immediately reflected across the entire site. NET page stubs to the site that will eventually hold the various reporting demos.

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With the markup entered above, switching to the Design view shows the master page's layout. NET pages that use this master page will have this uniform layout, with the ability to specify the markup for the region. NET pages will contain the following markup: This site is being built as part of a set of tutorials that illustrate some of the new data access and databinding features in ASP. Over time, it will include a host of samples that demonstrate: ) are automatically updated so that they work in any ASP. NET engine automatically merges the page's master page content and the ASP.

There will be more than 35 demos in total, so rather than creating all of the stub pages let's just create the first few.

Since there will also be many categories of demos, to better manage the demos add a folder for the categories.

All but the most trivial websites need to implement some form of a navigational user interface.

The navigation user interface may be a simple list of links to the various sections of the site.

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