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Struggling and shouting I was carried to a chair where I was strapped in before having my mouth covered with silver duct tape.What was scary was that the four females said hardly a word and were obviously skilled and practiced at this, as if they had done it before, as a team.In fact, two days after the remodeling of the rear wing of the house was complete Nicole suggested the three of us have a "grand unveiling" party on the following Sunday. Their makeup was extravagant, their brows being penciled and arched to give them a haughty look.Their coiffures were lavishly styled, swept back and up. We’re here to join in the grand unveiling also", smiled Anna, wickedly.

Nicole and Ginny sat on easy chairs at either end of the sofa.

This time though he was completely silent and at ease. A full figured honey blond with a ‘chichi’ fashion cut she reeked of "attitude." Had the bad habit of looking down her nose at me and calling me "Ronnie". I’d ccme back to the house early one evening and smelled marijuana smoke. To my chagrin, both Anna and Natasha were at the door and dressed unusual, even for them.

Things got really busy around the house in the days after dad left. Besides all the decorating of the new living spaces, some woman named Anna, from a specialty clothing store started coming around. However, whatever she called me, she wasn’t part of my scheme. I was certain Nicole and Ginny were getting loaded. Usually both women were fashionably attired, and along with consideration towards their lines of work (decorator and boutique proprietor supposedly) they tended to lean towards the avant-garde.

Ginny reached the door to the newly decorated segment of the house, opened it and held it for Nicole who welcomed us in. Be that as it may, Ginny and Nicole were about my height and though they weighed less they were in great shape.

Anna steered me so as to be in front of her and gave me a rough shove through the door She, Ginny and Natasha quickly entered the room as I complained to Anna about pushing me. If they were guys they’d be described as wiry.

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