Well than go on down to or, but be warned, no uggos allowed, even cougars on the prowl and sugar daddies.In fact very few people actually self identify as being ugly as it takes one who isn't to know one, so if you were looking for someone else who covers all the mirrors in their house than your shit out of luck. Mecha Mengele who are looking to have a sexual human experiment with twins via formerly known as My Race a website similar to My Space and J-Date, except that it is intentionally designed to combat minorities through a voluntary selective breeding program designed by Cyborg Hitler's brain hooked up to the internet as part of his master plan to prevent the birth of his arch enemy, the Time Lord Lenny Kravitz, destined to one day go back in time and become Adam. However, myspace did not work well for the NSA because, as soon as you could say "warrantless surveillance", 14-year old emo girls and their 60-year old mates soon flocked to this new, exciting internet playground. Alexander, 16th and current director of the NSA, "They hide amongst the shadows of the outer tubes of the interwebs. Shortly after this, the NSA quickly drew up blueprints in their Führerbunker in Utah, for a second, better, more racist but less pedophilia filled virtual singles bar/human flesh search engine, originally named My-Nority, but the name was soon changed to the one it goes by today. Universe contest, and that she never have a geographically diverse ancestry that makes you want to ogle all those other hot women from around the world instead. to come together over the wondrous internet and set up "profiles" for other users to observe and make careful note of.


There's even online dating for the incredibly impatient willing to marry a virtual stranger after just a month in the form of or if you have the subtly of a brick, Boysfrom is a dating website exclusively for gay clones of Hitler, because who better a match than yourself?Who needs freewill when you have math to determine who you must love, and decide everything you should do is predetermined and that you must accept the equation as your New God?If religion isn't your thing but you still obsessively like a particular story to the point of making major life changing decisions based primarily off of it, than try any number of nerdy fandom specific dating websites to isolate the Star Trek gene at long last. is along the same veins as Rate My but for ex's, offering you the chance to receive widespread feedback on your ex and see if it's just you or if your ex just acts that way towards everyone he or she get's close to.Luckily for the sake of bigots and fetishists everywhere, none of these websites are based around superficial things like shared ideologies, norms and morals. No instead you get physical and financial features like, and cosplay dating like,, and, (although if you really want to fear for your life, check out and find your shelf sharing a toothbrush between the intercostals).

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