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Islam is NOT a religion (like many others), it is a genocidal war doctrine, with only one goal: eradication of all non muslims. Don't underestimate the vileness of islam, it is 100x filthier than christianity. Anonymous: ENGLAND ISN'T AN ISLAND, IT'S A COUNTRY ON AN ISLAND CALLED BRITAIN.

Anonymous: I thought this pic was a bullshit joke... I really liked her, she was pretty and a good actress. THE ISLAND'S POPULATION IS PUSHING ON FOR 70 MILLION, MAKING IT ONE OF THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED PLACES ON EARTH.

I have seen several photos of hyenas that have been partially tamed. Anonymous: @Rubber G so says this shit head white American decendent of the Europeans that used to bear bated.

I saw a few while in south africa in the game reserves....fucking big arse mean looking sons 'o bitches. Went to otherlands whipped out the African bear,tasmanian tiger, killed of their european Lions a few thousand years ago..realmanblak: You inbred mutant fucks brought a whole new meaning to the word extinction,with the introduction of capitalism and deforestation for large cities and factories.

You all act like you've read a Koran, and know exactly what it says.

when islam predicts torror i think the world should be in flames..1 billion of them cant sit there so silent! We are fools not to treat them the same way."Islam isn't bad" You say?The US is a free country BECAUSE of the people who serve in the military....a concept you fucktards can't comprehend Anonymous: ^ I would suggest that you stop sucking the dicks for a moment and try to comprehend that patriotism (and pretty much everything else) doesn't require repeating mindlessly a daily mantra. if you've got some philosophical reason why you protest whatever the fuck the US stands for, that's your fucking problem.Also, the US isn't "free" (sic) because of some dumb soldiers got killed and maimed in a foreign country; only someone deeply retarded would think that. but don't sit here and talk shit about the US military Anonymous: You said "politics is irrelevant to a soldier", and "soldiers follow their orders, because that is their job".If it has an orifice, we're fucking it and converting it to capitalism. Other than that, I suppose we do share some historical and cultural parallels.: Undeniable, beautiful win. We just usually don't figure out that we're slaves :(rahtxz: When I want to walk along the street and watch people using it as a urinal, i'll be sure to visit europe. Oh wait, we're gonna take our time on that, thanks for the development cash. People who invest pride in a group they think they belong to, such as the country they live in, most likely lack a solid sense of self. Anonymous: never liked this...thought pranks werw meant lighthearted and fun.mean cruel and unspirited..thank god some ppl went out of there way to help these poor guys...Their sense of pride rises and falls with the group's identity and dignity. I would date em.i didnt have bf...sometimes the sad ones are the most loyal.

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