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And the Democrats were going around saying Donald Trump was an awful person.

All of these statements might be controversial somewhere, but meet basically zero resistance in educated urban liberal spaces.

But the madman worries: out in the world, if anyone discovers that he is insane, he will instantly be sent back.

We watched [Neil de Grasse] Tyson doing exactly the same thing, and instead of hiding him away from society where nobody would have to hear such pointless nonsense, thousands cheer him on for fighting for truth and objectivity against the forces of backwardness.

The look on his face the moment before the firing squad shoots – that’s how I imagine New Atheists feeling too. And what did New Atheism do to get on their bad side?

Maybe New Atheism failed to make the case that it was socially important.

If New Atheists were preaching evolution in social circles like mine, they were wasting their time.

This seems like an accurate criticism of New Atheism, one that earns them all the condescension they have since received. Why isn’t this an equally correct criticism of everything else?

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