Sexually intimidating

Some women said they started using pseudonyms or pen names after receiving threats.

Others decided to stop reporting from specific regions, while a few were forced to permanently relocate.

When perpetrators were members of the government or officials, reported incidents typically included threats of imprisonment or detention, blackmail and public defamation.

One Mexican journalist said that a prison director attempted to discredit her, telling other reporters that she paid inmates at his prison for information about drug sales.

Other reported incidents of “intimidation, threats and abuse” took place in the field (when reporting outside the office), at home, in the street (covering protests, mobs, rallies, etc.) and online.

According to respondents, most acts committed in the office were perpetrated by a boss (31.7%/597 of 1882 incidents where perpetrators were cited) or supervisor (13.2%/260 of 1882). S.-based journalist, who said “I was slapped, regularly insulted and called demeaning names, not given certain assignments that were given to male co-workers instead, and forced to work overtime without being paid for it.” Other perpetrators included co-workers, police, government officials, and subordinates.

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It would have been my word against his, and I felt completely powerless.

More than half (58.4%/188 of 322) of respondents said they reported such acts to their employers, fewer than one in five (17.5%/43 of 246) said they reported to the police and less than a quarter (23.5%/57 of 242) reported to another authority.

When asked “what was the outcome of reporting the intimidation, threats and abuse?

A respondent from India said “general discrimination is a major problem,” but especially for her, as a manager.

“No one likes [a] female boss,” she said, “especially in the media field.” Dozens of respondents from several different regions said their supervisors or co-workers had used public criticism of their work, personality or general competence as a humiliation and intimidation tactic.

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