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Through one such module, Goldman started to test what would happen if you presented users with names of people they hadn’t yet connected with but seemed likely to know—for example, people who had shared their tenures at schools and workplaces.He did this by ginning up a custom ad that displayed the three best new matches for each user based on the background entered in his or her Linked In profile.Back in the 1990s, computer engineer and Wall Street “quant” were the hot occupations in business.

As one Linked In manager put it, “It was like arriving at a conference reception and realizing you don’t know anyone.They find the story buried in the data and communicate it.And they don’t just deliver reports: They get at the questions at the heart of problems and devise creative approaches to them.Luckily, Reid Hoffman, Linked In’s cofounder and CEO at the time (now its executive chairman), had faith in the power of analytics because of his experiences at Pay Pal, and he had granted Goldman a high degree of autonomy.For one thing, he had given Goldman a way to circumvent the traditional product release cycle by publishing small modules in the form of ads on the site’s most popular pages.

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