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More surprisingly, Malaysia ranked 40 out of 93 countries profiled, based on the estimated impact of the security threat from the black market.With that said, it is no surprise that the biggest percentage of the market is dominated by the commercialized sex ‘industry’ in Malaysia. Here you can find beautiful girls wearing all kinds of lingerie, sexy pantyhose, panties, bra and bikini.

There are also plenty of resources with shared bugil images.It is worth a staggering US3 million (equivalent to RM3.2 billion), thereby placing the country at 17 out of 26 countries with the highest revenues from this ‘industry’ (the figures are based on the amount that foreign prostitutes are capable of earning in the flesh trade).However, according to the official law enforcement view, commercialized sex in the country is mild and not that serious compared with other countries.Paying for sexual satisfaction exists in many countries whether it is officially acknowledged or otherwise.In some countries where legislation now exist to govern legal sex workers, there have been former prostitutes who have gone public with tell-all books and newspaper interviews. Brooke Magnanti, a former sex worker who became a medical researcher in the UK, has written openly about this topic in a regular column for The story of a Malaysian sex worker Unlike her counterparts in Germany, UK or even Singapore where prostitution is legal, Malaysian sex workers do not have a platform to voice their side of the story openly but can only do so behind concealed identities.

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