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Most, if not all of the students here love embracing, sharing and celebrating Iona.The Gael is a busing service for Iona students that can take them to the train station as well as New Roc City, which has restaurants such as Applebee’s and Texas Roadhouse.Before you know it, you’ll be wishing you could come back.Horny women of gainesville, to fuck in waynesville nc 28786. Girl in culpeper va 22701 just looking for sex tonite in beloit ks area just want.All colleges share similarities when it comes to the typical things, such as dorms, dining halls and a club for every interest under the sun.Like Iona, college campuses have their own culture, which takes some adjusting.If you’re more of a watcher than a player, you could watch rugby.If you’re not into sports, students like to hang out at Starbucks.

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East hall is the only dorm on campus located on top of a hill, known as the “East Hall Hill”.

I promise at any hour of the day you will see someone that you know there looking for a tasty drink and genuine conversation. You’re an automatic target and an obvious freshman.

Keep it in your pocket, or in one of those sticky cases on the back of your phone.

But trust me—despite the learning curve when it comes to freshman year, you don’t want everyone to know it’s only your first year. Instead, walk up and down the Loftus and East hallways.

It’s quite easy to tell who is a freshman at Iona—they typically carry around four binders and wear a lanyard around their neck with their Student ID attached at the end. You may feel tempted to call your parents to pick you up every weekend, hovering between the “call” button on your phone and throwing your phone across the room. You could find your new BFFs and may even have fun (shocking).

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