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These days, though, especially when they involve haunted houses, they often have a visually promiscuous, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink quality that toys with the audience in ways that don’t always fit together.

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Stacy Title, who directed The Bye Bye Man, tries to exploit the film’s human elements, and she’s canny about placing the camera so that a bedroom with creepy wallpaper looks like it’s getting ready to swallow the people in it, but basically The Bye Bye Man is post-psychological horror.

It goes for the logic of momentary sensation, and for a tone of macabre youth-schlock sensation, like The Conjuring crossed with one of the Final Destination films.

In this movie, you keep seeing things that aren’t there: maggots in someone’s hair; a bloody corpse rising up to attack; a midnight train heading toward three naked people; the woman you love having sex with someone else. And I haven’t even mentioned the moment when Faye Dunaway catches fire! Doug Smith, who was the most nerve-racked record-company flunky on HBO’s Vinyl, is all chipper, gangly nerves as Elliot, who spends the movie running around attempting to save his relationship.

Looking as if she was carved out of wax, Dunaway plays the now-ancient wife of a man who, in 1969, was invaded by the spirit of the Bye Bye Man and blew away his neighbors and family members with a shotgun. His jealous suspicion that John is trying to steal Sasha away makes you long for the days when a smart commercial filmmaker could take a situation like this one and squeeze some slow-cooked suspense out of it.

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