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It’s been three months since Larry Nassar was sent to spend the rest of his life in prison for criminal sexual conduct, after more than 200 women and girls said he sexually abused them.

Many states already have this type of law, so it wouldn’t be odd for Michigan to follow suit, she said. but for the defense it raises a real challenge,” Henning said.

However, it doesn’t lower the burden of proof against a defendant because “the government’s burden is always the same: beyond a reasonable doubt” for the particular charge being prosecuted.

(In separate instances, victims’ medical records at MSU and with USA Gymnastics were allegedly removed or destroyed.) The bills also require parental consent before vaginal or anal penetration could be done to a minor. Under current law, it’s already illegal for a medical professional have sex with a female patient under the guise of treatment.

One of the other four bills would broaden that law to include patients of all genders and to include sexual contact in addition to penetration.

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Jane Anderson, an attorney advisor with AEquitas, a national group that provides resources for prosecutors working on violence against women cases, said this type of legislation can encourage people to speak out.Whether these bills would effectively do that remains to be seen. Most of them, she said, are “an overreaction” and “a waste of time.” She fears the bills requiring enhanced sentences will increase incarceration rates, and will do nothing to stop future perpetrators. is not that dissimilar to how other perpetrators operate in terms of exploiting victims’ vulnerabilities and even take their strengths and turn them into vulnerabilities,” said Kathy Hagenian, executive policy director for the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence.“We need to make sure this is a package of bills that goes to the next level of protecting victims of sexual violence.” Kathy Hagenian, executive policy director for the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, is generally supportive of adding new laws that go “to the next level of protecting victims of sexual violence.” Henning and others noted that whatever Nassar-related bills end up on the floor are likely to pass, regardless of content.Now, representatives in Michigan’s state House are considering bills they hope will prevent other predators from following in his footsteps.There are more than 30 bills total, which range from more rigorous medical practice requirements to extending the statute of limitations on criminal sexual conduct prosecutions and lawsuits. Among the bills being considered, some would have far-reaching impact.

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