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“Well, what say you give us a tour of upstairs and me and JJ will give you our own little tour? ” said JJ, pulling me by the waist and planting a soft kiss on my lips. I was proud of the job we did and what we represented. Our host was distinctly hot and bothered when we reached the landing and had now given up any pretence of hiding his erection. My nipples were already hard, but he made them tingle a bit more as his thumbs brushed over them and sent a delicious thrill around my body.

It was an old European thing and looked a bit like the one Columbo drives. The air was becoming heavy with the sweet scent of sex.

When not cheerleading, we’re studying English and History at college. We even loaded the trunk of her car with her motorized caddy and clubs for no extra charge. The next few houses were all treeless and required minimal attention, so we decided not to waste our energy on them. I kept the thought in my head as JJ gave me a long lingering kiss, our juices oozing around Clay’s fingers. Julie immediately read my mind and we knelt on the plush carpet of the bedroom, until we were almost eye level with Clay’s eight inches of pleasure.

Our exploits around campus were well known, but in the following account, we let our hair down like never before! “Hey look, that place has got leaves all over,” said JJ, indicating a huge property that was surrounded on one side by a spinney. I followed her, trundling our little contraption behind me and waited for someone to open the door. I rolled my tongue around the underside of his glans and JJ licked the engorged head.

I think it was missing out on the games mid-season as much as the pain. We looked at the menu from the counter even though we knew what we wanted to order. I have slightly bigger boobs but I covet Julie’s bum. He was mid-thirties at a guess and made no attempt to hide the fact that he was checking us out. How long foreplay should last is a combination of feminine intuition and the throbbing ache of one’s pussy. I could feel his nose nudging the no girl’s land between my pussy and my ass, as his tongue lapped against the moisture of my vulva. She took the centre of his shaft and guided him into her pussy. ” I had now raised myself up slightly allowing him to get his tongue in my tight little ass, between laps of my pussy. Clay let out a low muffled groan, his hips thrusting and jerking as he ejaculated.

It was testament to her determination that she was back to full fitness in less than a month, but even so our coach insisted she eased herself back for a week or two! The Dawgs were very much the underdogs – sorry for the pun, and the guys were going in with no pressure, but everything to play for. Julie bounced up and down on her tip toes, which made her skirt rise and I gave her bum a cheeky slap. This year’s routines involved a lot of ‘touching your toes’ so anyone forgetting their panties would definitely be giving the fans more than they paid for! After a perusal of the selection, I ordered the vanilla fudge with double chocolate topping and extra cream. A girl knows when a guy likes what he sees and this man was giving me the old up and down. That point had been reached and in a moment of telepathy, Julie and I turned on Clay, throwing him back on the bed. Cowgirl is one of her favourite positions and with so much to play with, she could ride that cock with no fear of slipping out. Sorry...” “It’s okay, baby.” I kissed my friend as we fucked the guy every which way. Julie was close to coming, I was close to coming and Clay must have been about ready to explode. I could only imagine that hot thick spunk, filling her tight pussy and then trickling down to his balls. We didn’t spend too long on the small talk as time was pressing and we wanted to earn as much cash as possible before going home to change for the game. ” The game lived up to everything we had hoped for and some! We were jumping up and down, tossing our pom poms as it got under way.

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