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If you have any particular business case where you would like to be able reach virtual numbers, please contact our Support team with details about your use case.

Social Invites: According to advice received, we believe that social invites are problematic in the US if multiple human interaction steps are not involved.

*Sprint and T-mobile have a high amount of short code blocking.

Because of this, Sprint and T-mobile mobile destinations are delivered via a pool of Nexmo owned long codes for our shared shortcode 2FA API.

The individual user should be able to decide who to send, when to send, and what to say.

The Spy Apps are very much helpful for almost everyone because humans are always eager to see into the other person’s life, but there could be any other reason like trust, or security, but these apps are used these days very frequently.(**Note that Nexmo US short codes cannot be used to send SMS to Canada or other countries) If none of our pre-approved short code use-cases are appropriate we can assist you in the application process for a dedicated short code.Long virtual numbers The feature restrictions for long-virtual-number originators are as follows: Maximum Throughput: There is a limit of 1 SMS per second and per virtual number for SMS sent from a long virtual number in the US due to local carriers regulations.If you send messages more quickly, the message(s) will be rejected. This does not apply to messages sent from a short code or Toll-free number.If you require higher throughput, you can purchase more numbers and spread your traffic across your numbers. While Google Voice numbers are reachable through Nexmo, we do not provide reach to other virtual number providers due to fraud prevention precautions.

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