Sarah michelle gellar dating freddie prinze jr

are without a doubt one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood, but many fans will be shocked to know that their romance actually started by accident.The two first met on the set of their 1997 movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they didn't actually start dating until three years later.We will use "lover" -- passionate lover of all things coffee. That's the whole philosophy behind the Dunkin' brew coffee packs.It's investing two to five minutes in your evening to save you 30 minutes in the morning. The 41-year-old actor said he's taking a break from acting to focus on his newest venture -- cooking. released his first cookbook, "Back to the Kitchen," which is full of 75 family-friendly recipes from his New Mexico roots. recently partnered with Dunkin' Donuts cold brew coffee packs to share his love of coffee and to get families back to the breakfast table, a routine he has worked hard to develop in his own house. had to say about his new cookbook "Back to the Kitchen," his unique childhood and his 15-year marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

[There are] a lot of easy things with my sauces that go with a lot of different meals so you can mix it up. And there's only going to be about seven nice guys left, so you're going to have your pick."You said your wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is very supportive of your career. We approach things from the complete opposite end of the spectrum and end up in the same place.

This is the perfect product for me to team up with, because their philosophy on how to survive and mine are identical. Also, you have a cookbook, "Back to the Kitchen," out.

It focuses on minimal ingredients and it's family-oriented. Favorite ingredient to use is probably New Mexico hatch chile, but it's not available that often. I learned about heartache and heartbreak in front of a stove.

After 13 years of marriage, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr still understand the importance of date night.

The pair, who met in 1997 and have two children, spent Monday evening enjoying some quality alone time.

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