Sakurai sho dating 2016

He seems to be studying at Keio University, he tells him his grades, and even went to Sakurai Kun’s house where he got a large amount of private clothes” ( Writer of the TV magazine)Sakurai after the introduction of Kikuchi, picked up a microphone:“Do you know that Fuma-kun is doing this production?” “I was calling out to the venue, it seems that he is making a story about Fuma-kun.” (Fans who visited the venue)Sakurai who showed off “perfect MC” trying to tell the fans of their juniors their hard work.Hi Satomi (greeting from Equator archipelago country), you are truly kawaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....

The men viewers enjoy the joyful precense and the comentaries of this actress.

But I must say her forte is more on romance comedy shows.

Waiting for godzilla resurg to air in my country, hope it's good.

It seems that even though Sakurai was present almost from the beginning, it is said that Fuma-Kun began by saying, “My brother is not here yet, when will you come brother?

”Kikuchi was the director of the concert this time so he probably expected his “big brother” to be watching him.

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