Rules of the dating game

Harvey tells him if Louis loses he'll get the concert tickets Louis want to go to not because Harvey wants to go to the concert but so he can watch Louis cry.

Harvey asks Rachel if she already has a date for their planned double date.

Leeds tells Harvey that the attorney general is having Dennis investigated over allegations of tampering of evidence so he can win.

People may think that lawyers will do anything, that they can do anything. You can't go skirting the rules and justify it because you think someone else broke the rules." — Harvey Specter Harvey's former mentor turns to his protégé when his office comes under investigation.Madison hates Kelsey because she is her half-sister, and blames her for causing Malcolm Price to leave her mother and marry Kelsey's, and became jealous that Kelsey became her father's favorite.Since Malcolm and Kelsey worked on the "Nothing but the Truth" tabloid together, Madison wants Kelsey to not have it, while the tabloid is all that Kelsey wants.A part of Harvey's past is told when he tells Jessica that he saw Dennis bury the key evidence that would let the defense walk. Harvey then says that Jessica put him there to be mentored and that was why he just left.Harvey absolutely does not want to expose Dennis of his actions because he was his mentor.

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