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Well, it seems like it is no longer a man’s world with these absolutely stunning female politicians!Testing out the waters in the sphere of politics, females are now confidently leading the new frontiers.

The woman has long worked in order to make a difference for her people.

Throughout her whole life, Hina has been dazzling Pakistani politics with her fabulous beauty and keen mind.

It was Khar to become the country’s first woman to present a budget speech in Pakistani national assembly in 2009 and the woman has only risen from that moment onwards. Eunice Olsen Shortly after winning the Miss Singapore Universe title, Olsen engaged in serving as a nominated Member of Parliament what means she got lucky to be hand-picked by the Singapore President himself who certainly wished to add some variety to the drab and monotone business of representative government.

Galojan was titled one of the most influential politicians in the entire Estonia, however, later on she was officially accused of embezzling the movement’s funds and spending those on her own beauty products. Fujikawa was often called “a politician beautiful both in and out,” “Our Belle Councilor,” and even was titled “World’s Most Wonderful Politician.” Earlier on, Fujikawa worked at a nursing home for the elderly people right after her graduation from university.

In 2007, when she had to substitute her father for elections, not only did her dad’s supporters vote for her, she has gained many of her own. Hina Rabbani Khar Hina Khar is a widely known Pakistani stateswoman and economist who served as the 26th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

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