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Do not bind the Grid View on every Post Back as it gets populated again when you Post Back the page and the data you have entered whilein edit mode got lost as the Grid binds again. Is Post Back) block, you will not get the issue there after.

i went through for loop and if loop and did all things which were of total failure i came across this right now. The code which you provided roughly a fortnight has done wonders for me. Click 'Display the Table with data in the gridview 'clear the current content of the Table dt. Find Control("txt City"); and i assume that the txt City. Old Values and New Values both have length 0, and the Text Box approach described above gives a null reference after conversion. I've posted the ASP Code, and decided to skip the actual binding code, since it works great; checked it with the debugger.

I'm betting I'm missing something simple but this problem is really important and I need fast resolution as it has already cost me a good deal of time. Find Control("Text Box1"), Text Box) ' Now you have the new value in Text Box1 Please, let me know if that helped...

Here is my declaration inside the gridview First off, you can only extract references to controls within the Edit Item Template when updating. Hey Ahillyer, Please do the following : Dim file ID As Integer = Integer. So, you mean just change the Item Template to Edit Item Template?

What one has to do in order to reach the controls in edit Item Template is using the Item Data Bound function (this function is specific to Data List Control, if it is a Gridview you can use the row Data Bound function). Edit Item Index is the index of the row being edited. My code for my specific application is as follows: protected void dl_albums_Item Data Bound(object sender, Data List Item Event Args e) Tom, may be you already solved this but I wanted other people that face this same problem to take as reference. These controls can be textbox, Drop Downlist (in Template Field), Comand Field present inside the grid.

This function is called everytime a data Item of the datalist is bound with some data (therefore launches for every single data Item of the Datalist). We have to call a generic method for doing the same .(since it can be done for multiple grid.) PFB the code snippet we use. The bolded part of the code is used to loop inside a grid view.(Not Working.)Is this ideal way to deal with the requirement. public void Disable Me(Page p1, st...disable textbox control and dropdownlist control when selecting one of the radiobuttons I want to disable the textbox control (also change its background colour) and dropdownlist control when I select one of the radiobuttons.

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