Rodrigo y gabriela dating

“I have two stories to tell about my life: before Ireland and after Ireland,” says Sanchez.

“In Ireland I grew up professionally; everything that I experienced there has changed and shaped the way I am.

A year later I catch up with Sanchez on the phone from his home in Oslo.Without any doubt I can tell you that the first two years that I spent in Ireland were the most amazing years of my life.” They both credit Niall Muckian, their Irish manager, who has steered their ship since the beginning.“He has convinced us to do things that we would have said no to,” Quintero says, laughing.And she and Sanchez are as warm with their crew as they are with their audiences, greeting guitar techs and sound guys like long-lost friends.Backstage, in their dressing room, they reminisce about those early days of busking in Dublin, when they arrived in the city from Ixtapa, in Mexico, in search of adventure.

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